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Obligatory Madness Day Review Post

Posted by Zapchon - 1 month ago


This year's Madness day was actually really good, there hasn't been this many uploads on a Madness Day since 2012.

It's also for that reason that I'm not gonna do a detailed review for all the movies this year because I'd be writing this for days.

So instead I'm gonna be doing a "Top 15" post with short descriptions of why I like/dislike the movies.

I'll also be excluding joke movies (unless they're really good) and teaser trailers since comparing them to these would be unfair.

Madness: Madlads also won't be included since I'll be biased in favour of it since i helped make it.

1 Dusk of the Madness: OVERTIME

Honestly this movie deserves an entire post dedicated to it alone, it was absolutely incredible.

It might've taken a long ass time for Littleluckylink to finish it, but it was more than worth the wait.

Pretty much every loose end that "Dusk of the madness" left got cleared up.

The animation style although not the best I've ever come across, nicely complements the atmosphere and intensity of everything that's going on.

It's rare that a Madness story makes you actually care about the characters and be engaged with everything that happens to them, but DOTM: Overtime really managed to achieve that which endlessly impresses me.

The only issue I have with it is that the very end seemed a bit rushed, but that's one issue after 25 minutes of good content so it's not that big a deal really.

I could go on for ages about why this movie is amazing but this post needs other movies too, so I'll leave it there.

But this is an absolute 100/100 from me.

2 Madness Redeemer 2: Revenger

This collab offers some of the most brutal choreography in a while alongside fast paced non-stop action in a decaying variant of the "Madness Redeemer" location.

There's not really too much to say about it except the action is good, so is the music and the animation quality itself.

Check it out sometime.


Although released a bit before Madness Day, this was uploaded close enough to where I'm including it in this list.

Eviltroto is back with a solo project that kicks ass, the effects and brutality of the movie makes it stand out a lot.

4 Madness Combat Anime Opening

While I'm not really a fan of Jojo references, I can't deny that a lot of effort went into this submission, so it gets this spot.

5 LizGoesForAWalk

A short movie from DatSalty with animation and sound design that's beyond satisfying.

6 Madness - Retribution

A new solo project from newcomer, ALPHA. Some of the backgrounds are bit empty but besides that, this is a solid and entertaining solo project with good action.

7 Madness: BLACK BERSERK EP 1 - Pilot

Although the animation style is a bit weird at moments and the dialogue could be much better, a lot of effort clearly went into this movie and there were a few interesting ideas that make it deserving of this spot.

8 Cup of Coffee

A surprise entry from Aryf starring Gabriel Barsch's OC that had entertaining choreography and a pleasing art style.

9 PROJECT: Felony

This is a joke collab but it actually ended up being a really entertaining fever dream of an animation to watch.

10 Madness : Dead Letter Day

Sentry's back again with a short but very cinematic upload.

It reminds me of older Madness day uploads from 2010 and earlier. (In the good way)

11 Devastation.fla

Buran did a good job with this movie, the action is snappy but entertaining to watch.

My only complaint would be that there were times during it where it was hard to follow what was going on.

But besides that, this is an entertaining solo that I'd recommend watching.

12 Hank's Fate

This movie sadly got cancelled before it was finished, but I'm putting it at #12 because the currently finished scenes alone are awesome enough to deserve this spot.

13 Dance Moment

This collab isn't anything outstanding but it's unique enough to where I enjoy it.

It's also a nice breath of fresh air from all the Guy-go-into-room-and-shoot-grunts movies.

Tuvster definitely had the best dance moves btw.

14 Madness Celebration

Although short and not anything CRAZY good, this movie provides quick action with fluent animation, which is about all you can ask of a Madness movie.

It gets the #14 spot.

15 Outlaw madness II

The reason this one isn't higher on the list is because despite the art and animation itself being just as good as Diotoons did it in the past, the movie just didn't really keep me entertained.

I think maybe the pacing was too slow this time, either that or I'm just an impatient twat.

But regardless, the art was still good enough to make it to #15.

Honourable mention:

Madness Diluvium Ep1

I'll be honest, I forgot about this movie when I first made this post, so I'm editing it in now.

Although it starts off a bit generic, the pace quickly picks up and some cool ideas are shown.

Definitely worth a watch.

If I'd remembered to add this movie when I first made this post, it would have probably been around 10th - 14th place.

Anyways, that'll do it for this post.

I know I'm leaving out a lot of movies here but I don't want to be writing this post for a week, so I'm just mentioning the movies that stood out in my opinion.

Also, Madness Liberation wasn't finished this madness day mainly because of IRL and Online personal stuff.

It'll hopefully be done for the end of the year though, but no promises though.



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angry zapchon: 1, bad movies: epic fail

1/10 your movie was bad how dare you not make the movie I wanted fuck you

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Nah you did fine

14 Madness Celebration (That's My Short)