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Heya, basically this post is just gonna be my opinions on (most of) the madness day 2019 uploads.

I'm gonna do basic ?/10 style reviews in order of how they're listed in the Madness Day 2019 collection.

As of right now I'm just going to review the content that I distinctly remember from Madness day because if I reviewed every single upload then I'd be writing this all day.

And of course, Abnormis: DEPARTURE isn't going to be included in the list since it's my own project.

One last thing to mention is: please keep in mind that this is just my own opinion, I'm probably wrong about most of this, lmao.

Anyways, let's get started.

MAXIFICATION 2: Commencement

There isn't a ton to say about this one considering it's just a teaser for the full "Maxification 2" project

But I can say that like most work from Jsoull, the art and overall theatrics is impressive as fuck.

The only negative thing I'd say about it is that there's no combat in it whatsoever.

But at the end of the day, it's job was to hype up Max 2 and it does that well.



Madness Whitehank Zero: The Mulligan

I already wrote a fairly lengthy review about Whitehank 0 on the actual movie, so i'll post a screenshot of it here.


I still agree with my review, but there's a few things that I've forgotten to mention:

The Paradig part overall seemed kind of forced and unnecessary, "Neo Whitehank" could have easily been introduced in a quicker and less complicated manner. There's also that Masked dude at the start of the collab who shows up and is like "Let's go get em!" but then never comes back:


There's also the issue of names not being on the walls/props in a lot of the scenes which makes it really difficult to tell who animated what sometimes.

Other issues include:

Kota1337 not being credited for his animation work in the collab at all on Youtube or Newgrounds.

SentryTurbo's music for Whitehank 0 not being included in the "Whitehank music mix" on youtube.

kRyy's OC dying despite the fact that he comes back again in Whitehank 2

But despite all that negativity, the collab is still entertaining as fuck and all the animators involved have shown impressive animation skills. It's just a shame that the story and pacing of the collab suffered so much due to rushing.


Kilroy Madness 3

SImilar to the first two, Kilroy Madness 3 has impressive sprite work and storytelling.

You can always tell what one of the characters is thinking due to Diotoons' way of animating body language.

Usually "emotional" isn't really something that works with madness cartoons, but Kilroy 3 is the best attempt so far.

The story ends in a satisfying way that doesn't seem like a cop out or generic.

Every major character is accounted for and has their moment in the spotlight.

The only thing I have a slight problem with is the music in some parts.

Sure, it's amazing in some scenes. But in others it seems like it's trying to hard or doesn't fit.

It's not terrible or anything though, so it's an easy thing to ignore and doesn't really sour the animation much.



Singularity: Observation

I was really glad to see that Ellvis uploaded a new solo project this year.

I've always loved his animation style because of how chaotic it is, yet his projects always have the perfect amount of cartoony action in them.

Singularity: Observation is no different, the action in it is absolutely superb.

I also liked how the movie is a kind of "progression" through the different versions of Ellvis' humanoid OC

To be honest, I can't really think of any major criticism for this animation.

The only thing I could say is that the humanoid sprites at the beginning of the movie are kind of weird, but they're old sprites from 2011-ish times being used for progression (like I said before) so it can be excused.

Sure, I'm probably biased since Ellvis is a big inspiration to my animations. But overall Singularity: Observation is an amazing Madness animation that I'd recommend to anybody who enjoys chaotic action.


9.5/10 (Again)

Madness: New York Minute

SentryTurbo's animation style is always pleasant to watch, it's smooth as fuck but still solid when it needs to be.

His style still remains enjoyable as fuck in Madness: New York Minute.

I especially liked how the area is in a snow setting, it's something that hasn't really been done much with madness cartoons (if even at all)

There's also the different enemy designs that while simple, still change things up a bit to make it more interesting.

Although it's a short animation, New York Minute is a nice action packed minute of madness.



Madness: Sierra Nevada Rebirth

Personally, I'm not sure why "Madness Sierra Nevada" needed an entire remake rather than an update to the version from 2018, it was pretty solid.

But either way, Sierra Nevada Rebirth is still a pretty good game.

The gameplay is a faithful recreation of the gameplay from Hotline Miami and the art did a good job of transitioning from the Madness style to the Pixelated one.

I'm also impressed that there's an entire level editor included too, it's a feature that'll hopefully be used a lot in the near future.

However, there are issues:

The hit registration in the remake seems to be less instant than in the original, which kind of screws over the gameplay sometimes.

There's also the fact that the music will sometimes break upon loading the level. (it'll play both the menu theme and the level theme at the same time)

Overall, it has it's issues but it's still an enjoyable game despite only having one official level.



Madness Powers: Devolution

This upload was a surprise, KorboDuo's last Madness upload was in 2009.

For comparison, that's longer than the time between Madness Combat 10 and 11.

So it's nice to see them make a return.

Madness Powers: Devolution's animation is decent but not anything incredible.

The choreography, backgrounds and overall creativity more than make up for it though.

I really liked the kill where the Protagonist grabs an Agent's tie, that's not something I've come across in a Madness animation before.

Overall: an enjoyable animation that I'd recommend to anybody looking for sleek takedowns.



Madness Brutality Collab

A decent collab, but a bit generic.

I was surprised that such old parts were included at some points, I remember seeing that one from Chub in early 2018 or something.

The best part in the collab by far was the collab part by SaudXMC though.

Go follow him on NG, he's a nice lad.

But like I said before, it's kind of generic.

It's basically just your average Madness clip collab. There's nothing wrong with that but it kind of seems "samey" without any kind of gimmick or theme throughout the collab besides "be brutal".

There's also one part in the collab which doesn't have a name. I'm not sure if that was intentional but because of it, I have no idea who made that part.

Madness Brutality Collab isn't the best thing to be uploaded this madness day, but it's still pretty decent overall.


6.9/10 (HAH)

Madness: Incident 10v3 DEMO

Gamer Moment.


What The Fuck/10

Madness GOTO Heaven

I really like that A-Max tried to go in a different direction with this collab, it definitely shakes things up a bit from the usual madness locations and art style.

That being said, some parts of the animation really could've been better.

I mean, there's a clip that isn't even finished that's included in the collab.

Plus there's a big difference in skill between a lot of the animators which kind of makes some parts look worse.

Despite this, I do still like the collab.

EvilTroto's part was especially good (despite the cursed-as-fuck Anime protagonist)

And I really liked ysmz's part with the motorbikes and cars, I genuinely started laughing when I first saw that.




This one went under the radar at first, probably because of it being called "Room_Test".

I'm not sure why it's called that considering it's more of an actual solo project than a test but it doesn't really matter.

I like that PolandGuy went for having the AAHW as the protagonists, it's definitely a nice change to most madness stories.

But there is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much text in the movie, a new line of dialogue shows up like five seconds after the previous one did throughout most of the animation.

There's clearly not enough of "show don't tell"

There's also the fact that most of the backgrounds are just edited versions of the backgrounds from the offcial series, which kind of limits the creativitiy.

Not bad for a second attempt at a solo, but there's still a lot of room for improvement.



A.F.M.A The Madness Collab Trailer

Not a whole lot to say since again, it's just a trailer.

The final product looks promising though, and I'm liking the new look of Endik55's OC


Wait until it's finished/10

Madness Operation 121 short

I really liked this one because it's "classic madness incident" feel that it has.

None of the newer tropes that people (myself included) have been following recently, just good ol classic madness action in a light grey setting.

My only critique is that the animation can be a bit slow at times, but it's not so bad that it ruins the movie or anything.



Soul Madness 2

I'll start off by saying, there is far, FAR too much dialogue in this animation.

Half the length of the movie is just the characters talking.

There's also a few poorly made backgrounds and the story itself is all over the place and hard to follow.

That being said, I do admire the sheer creativity in some parts of the animation despite them being poorly put into action.

You can tell that it's an animation made by a genuine fan of Madness and the community who wanted to make something cool.

But sadly the problems in the animation really can't be ignored, especially the constant text dialogue.

That's not me saying that KanP should give up though, they have potential. They just need to figure out how to master it. I'm looking forward to watching KanP improve in the future.




I genuinely don't even know what to say about this animation



Alrighty, that covers basically everything.

Apologies if I forgot any other animations.

And again: these are just my own opinions about these animations, if you liked them more or less than I did then that's completely fine.

Happy (late) Madness Day 2019!


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