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Hello, I hope you all enjoyed my collab parts I made this year.

Sadly I didn't manage to finish any solo projects for madness day for various reasons.

Either way, here's an update on all of the solo projects that I'm working on at the moment:


ParadigMadness 2.5 (Working title)

Remember that Paradigm short I mentioned in my previous post?
well, I kept getting ideas for it and now it's going to be a full length solo project that takes place during the events of ParadigMadness 2.

The reason this project is even a thing is because I actually have an unused scene in ParadigMadness 2 that wasn't included in the "Unused scenes" part at the end since I decided to use it in this solo project.

If you wanna see it then here you go

I just started working on ParadigMadness 2.5 so it's not going to be done for a while, it should be finished by next Madness day at the very latest.



Madness Liberation

This one has taken way longer to make than I thought.

Mainly because I've started remaking the entire thing since the old version looks terrible compared to my new content.

I'm not really sure when Madness Liberation is going to be finished but all I know is I'm trying to get it done as soon as possible.



Madness Acquisition

Wow, this project.

I don't even know when I'm going to properly get work started on this but when I do it's going to be incredibly tedious.

"What's it gonna be about?" well, picture The Subspace Emissary from SSBB but with Madness OCs and it's longer.

I swear, this project is so ambitious that it would even give Xionic Madness a run for it's money.


(No screenshot because I'm remaking the existing scenes in Madness Acquisition as of right now)


Incident 721N

I haven't given up on this project but it's not exactly my main focus at the moment,

mainly because it's a generic Incident animation.

So I guess as of right now you can say it's on hiatus.



Madness Ware

It's exactly what you think it is.

Basically I watched this animation on youtube and I really liked it, I also really like the WarioWare games so I decided to make a Madness version of it.

It'll be a nice excuse to have a fuckload of references to other Madness animations too.

I dunno, this idea could be really stupid for all I know so ill let you all be the judge of that.

I could probably get this done within a month if I really move all my focus onto this, but as of right now it's something I'm working on in the background as I work on other things.



Anyways, that's all of the solo projects I have going right now

so here's some tests I guess:











and here's all the collab parts I made this year if that kind of thing is entertaining for you:








Peace out, lads and lassies.


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