Happy Madness Day + Update

2017-09-22 03:18:11 by Zapchon

Welp, it's Madness day 2017 and I still haven't uploaded to Newgrounds


Short version:

I'm not dead and i'm still staying active in the community despite not actually uploading anything and I do still work on things but don't hold your breath since I don't usually finish them


Detailed version:

My main focus right now is uploading to my youtube channel

I still work on Animations in the background sometimes but not very often, and if I force myself to make them then I end up making trash like Madness Generation.

But on a brighter note: I still leave reviews and comments and try to stay as active as I can in the Madness community, so don't prepare a funeral yet.

And as for the whole Green Pepper studios "drama" I don't really think it's my place to say anything about it so I won't.


Happy/Merry Madness day everyone!


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2017-09-22 03:25:17

Ayyy it's alright if you don't upload anything! HPY MDNESS DY BRO!


2017-10-08 05:30:47

Are you going to do animation soon?
I am very curious right now that you are not doing so much animations and I hope you start doing.


2017-10-08 05:35:11

get zapchoned.