Updated Zapchon Agent Team Sprites

2014-06-16 12:19:55 by Zapchon


However i made this in flash CS6 so anybody who uses flash 8 or MX cannot open the file since it was made in flash CS6 Format

EDIT: I updated the jacket


EDIT: Also here is a screenshot of a new poster in madness generation episode 1:



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2014-06-16 12:22:58

Dude,it's just the same :c
U just recolor the A to blue.
It's nice though,but the tie is the worst lol.

(Updated ) Zapchon responds:

yeah I need to fix the tie

and also the headphones are actually different if you compare it to the other picture.


2014-06-16 16:11:48

Yeah I agree with oscar.
Its exactly the same, at least change some more things like the coat, hat and or shoes w/ glasses.

(Updated ) Zapchon responds:

I suck at making sprites.

you should know this.


2014-06-19 06:45:50

Looks nice :)

Zapchon responds:



2014-06-19 13:43:35

dang it, i only have the glasses, i cant be an agent and get the badass headphone :(

Zapchon responds:

lol :P