Roughly about 2 weeks until my birthday

2014-02-28 03:32:04 by Zapchon

i asked if i could have a better internet router for my birthday since the one i have just now is a peice of shit with shit on top


the precise date of my birthday is the 12th of march. and strangly enough it is also frotzer's birthday on the 12th aswell :P


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2014-02-28 03:48:49

my birthday was now 3 days.. in 25 Feb :D im 13 now :D im a little fucking kit mother fucker with no life who like only to fap to madness combat hentai :D!
have a nice faaa.p .. day :)

(Updated ) Zapchon responds:

you too seargent fapper


2014-02-28 03:59:54

How old ya turning, pal?

(Updated ) Zapchon responds:

I could be turning 20 or maybe 40? or maybe 12?


2014-03-01 21:07:48

I'm guessing 14-18?