Endik55's Revolusion Collab

2013-11-15 03:56:50 by Zapchon

i was looking at endik55's posts and saw he was making a collab so i showed him one of my tests i made and he said i could join so be sure to check out the Revolusion Collab when it comes out also that incident im working on is coming along nicely and im thinking of making a spam animation after im done with the incident and i have lots more plans for the future



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2013-11-15 19:54:27

It's nice hearing that!.
My project is ''Jurassic Madness'',and you are going to be in it maybe.
Be my fan . (?

(Updated ) Zapchon responds:

Jurassic Madness sounds cool so ok ill join and you asking me to be your fan? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA no.
if you want fans then make cool animations but if you ask people to be your fan they aren't really your fans since you asked them to be



2013-11-16 04:43:47

Good news!


2013-11-18 10:54:03

@Zapchon thanks for remembering me that,from now on NO ask for fan.